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Are you curious about Geyserville in Sonoma County and planning to spend a day there? Having been to this quiet little town in Sonoma several times, I am here to help you out with a stellar itinerary, perfect for 24 hours or a short day trip. Continue reading to find the best things to do in Geyserville during your visit to one of the most underrated towns of wine country!


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Geyserville is a small town located in the northern part of Sonoma County in picturesque Alexander valley between Healdsburg and Cloverdale. It takes about 1hr 15 minutes to drive from San Francisco/Oakland to Geyserville, which makes it perfect as a destination for a road trip from San Francisco or a day trip from Oakland. Being part of Sonoma County (aka the largest wine growing region in California), Geyserville is known for its many wineries in and around town. Geyserville



Geyserville is so named after the discovery of geothermal springs in the Mayacamas Mountains east of town. The springs soon attracted throngs of tourists and the town served as a perfect stop for food and lodgings for visitors. 



Geyserville is known for its amazing food, wineries and a laid back vibe, all of which are very typical of Sonoma wine country. Being sandwiched between Cloverdale and Healdsburg helps to further explore these two Sonoma towns for more good food and wine. I highly recommend spending a day in Geyserville to relax, unwind and partake in dining and drinking in some of the best wineries in California!



Being inland, this town sees crazy high temperatures in summer. My recommendation is to visit between April-May and October-November to take advantage of the milder weather and see the vines coming to life in Spring. 



Geyserville is a small town and there aren’t a whole lot of hotels here if you are planning to stay overnight. I recommend staying at the Geyserville Inn which has beautiful rooms and free wifi and for an additional $10, you could get a box of truffles waiting for you on the bed! The downside is that it can get a bit pricey (they also don’t have free breakfast) and dogs are not allowed there. The hotel has its own adjacent restaurant called Geyserville Grill but it is closed in the winter. 


If you are in the mood for a luxurious wine country getaway, checkout the Luxurious Wine Country Estate, a luxury villa with its own private pool. You could also stay in Cloverdale at Cloverdale Creekside Retreat , Highland Oasis or a more budget option like Super 8. Another option is to stay in Healdsburg with plenty of lodging choices such as Healdsburg Inn on the Plaza, The Grape Leaf Inn, Calderwood Inn, The River Belle Inn, Hotel trio Healdsburg, H2hotel and Hotel Healdsburg.


Geyserville Inn




Be it a day trip or an overnight stay, here are some of the best things to do in Geyserville during your visit:



This coffee shop in Geyserville not only serves the usual variety of caffeinated beverages, but is also known for its pastries and sumptuous breakfast items such as the not to be missed Taiwanese breakfast sandwich which is filled with sweet and tangy flavors has a crunch to it! The cafe is warm, inviting and has some really cool posters as wall art!


What to do in Geyserville in 24 hours



The verdant Alexander Valley is renowned for its wines and if you love Pinot Noirs as much as I do, definitely check out the tasting rooms in the town of Geyserville or one of the many surrounding wineries. I highly recommend visiting Trattore Farms and Winery (Italian for “tractor”) winery which not only serves some really unique flights but has olive oil tasting, small bites and even amazing sandwiches! The staff is friendly and attentive and to top it all, they boast of some of the best views in Sonoma from their huge balcony!


If you are traveling with a dog, then you are in for a treat because not only dogs are allowed inside the tasting room adorned with delightful red lifesize tractors, but there are also special treats available for them. This makes Trattore one of the best dog friendly wineries in Sonoma! If you are lucky or come in later during the day, you might see the winery dogs Gilbert and Flanagan, two adorable black labs who sometimes make guest appearances to polish up the crumbs in the tasting room. Tasting is by reservation only!


Another great dog friendly winery to visit in Geyserville is Sbragia family vineyards, which is located near Lake Sonoma recreation area. Dogs are welcome on the patio for tasting and the views are an added bonus. Tasting is by reservation (like most wineries in Sonoma).


Geyserville wineries are a must visit: Trattore farms and vineyards



Technically this a small area (also known as Sculpture Garden) filled with sculptures made from different kinds of materials including waste parts and metal scraps to showcase the creativity in recycling. A 5 minute drive from the town, this sculpture garden is definitely worth a visit for art lovers.


Geyserville sculpture trail and garden



One of the best things to do in Geyserville besides drinking wine is at least one sit down meal in Diavola right on main street. This pizzeria has some of the best pizzas in California (I really mean it) with a chewy, sourdough-y crust like no other. Their salads are the perfect accompaniments to the pies and you should definitely check them out during your one day in Geyserville.


Diavola Pizzeria, Geyserville, things to do in Geyserville



The famous Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola owns three wineries, out of which two are in teeny, tiny Geyserville. The main one is located on 300 Via Archimedes and is 100% visit worthy even if you are not into wine or are tired of winery hopping in Sonoma. And that is because this is one winery which offers something that none other does-a tour of the facilities combining the two best things in California-wine and movies.


For $10/person, you get a guided tour of the winery where you walk across a “skywalk” to see the bottling facilities and learn about the wine. Then you return to the main winery where you go through the two storeys of exhibits and memorabilia, including Coppola’s Oscars (real ones) displayed in a glass case to learn more about the backstories behind his movies such as the GodFather, Apocalypso Now and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There is also a section on the lower floor dedicated to photos of his wife’s movies (she was also a screenplay writer and documentary director) and his daughter Sofia’s movies as well.


The other striking feature of this winery is the huge red and shiny Tucker from the namesake movie “Remember Tucker? The Man and his Dream” which apparently is one of the 50 models ever to be built. The car is on a rotating ramp which can be modified such that one can drive off directly from the gift shop (Mr. Coppola did so many years ago). 


Finally, this winery is one of the few in the area where walk-ins are welcome at the bar for tasting. You could make reservations for dining at the indoor restaurant rustic or for a sit down tasting on the second floor. If you are interested in the tour, book the first one at 11:30 AM (there are two others at 1:30 and 3:30 PM). Walk ins are welcome to reserve the tour in person and no tasting is required to join the tour.


things to do in Geyserville in one day: visit the Francis Ford Coppola winery for a tour


Francis Ford Coppola winery Geyserville



This Michelin star restaurant is one of the must visit experiences for foodies venturing into Geyserville. The entry area where you are ushered in first is filled with cozy couches, seats and fireplace with the glass windows letting you enjoy sweeping views of Alexander Valley. Here you are greeted with drinks and canapes followed by 8 bite sized courses in a very informal setting around and open kitchen which you are welcome to explore.


Finally, the night culminates with a sit down dinner comprising the final entreé and dessert courses followed by another sweet adventure and a goody bag of treats to enjoy at home. The food is excellent and won’t leave you stuffed and the atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious. I have dined in some of the best restaurants in the world and I can say without a doubt that this was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. They do accommodate certain dietary restrictions such as vegetarians and have non-alcoholic pairings too.


Cyrus, Geyserville




  • Check out Healdsburg, one of the most beautiful towns in Sonoma, and my favorite romantic destination in Northern California. Healdsburg is a 10 minute drive south of Geyserville and is known for its world class food as well as Dry Creek Road wineries specializing in more full bodied wines. Perfect as a winter getaway, it is also a top Bay Area destination for a dog friendly weekend trip.
  • Enjoy the views of Lake Sonoma, west of Geyserville, from the overlook point.
  • Check out the Cloverdale Museum of History and Cloverdale Sculpture trail, a short drive north of Geyserville.
  • If you have more time on your hands, explore more of Sonoma County via my posts on Gualala, Sebastopol and Bodega Bay. Sonoma Coast is a lovely part of the California Coastline with tons of amazing stops on a road trip from San Francisco to Mendocino or further north into Redwood country.
  • The verdant Anderson Valley is just 52 miles north of Geyserville. If you are staying for the weekend, then do visit one of the best kept secrets of Northern California, aka Boonville, Philo and Navarro along CA-128 to see a working farm, hiking in a Redwood grove and drinking delicious Pinot Noir.

Lake Sonoma, things to do near Geyserville


I hope you enjoyed reading my post on things to do in one day in Geyserville, Sonoma. Be it spending 24 hours in Geyserville or going for a short day trip, I hope my post has inspired you to explore more of Northern California, especially Sonoma county. Thanks a lot for stopping by and follow my blog for more such personal, informative posts on traveling in California.



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