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Lavender Fields in USA: 6 Beautiful Farms and Fields to Visit in Summer

written by Paroma April 19, 2019

Summer brings in glorious visions of fiery purple fields of lavender stretching for miles in the beautiful villages of Provence, France and other equally enchanting countrysides in Europe. However, if you are too busy or broke to go to Europe and are crestfallen for missing out on a chance of twirling in a field of purple, then I have the perfect salve for those FOMO wounds of yours. There are just as beautiful lavender fields in USA and this post is all about finding them beauties for you. From the west to the east coast, here are some of the loveliest lavender farms and fields in USA for you to visit, thanks to my past lavender farm stalking adventures and those of my equally resourceful blogger friends. So without further ado, here is that coveted list of the best places to visit in the US for lavender fields.

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Lavender fields in USA: Oregon

The bees in Oregon get really busy in summer, thanks to an abundance of lavender fields and farms in this state. Being super bummed at having missed the lavender season in Provence (all the lavender was gone by the time I visited in August), I was more than happy to find so many just a short 2 hour flight away. Although you will be spoiled for choices with this list of lavender farms in Oregon, we kept it low key and visited Mountainside Lavender farm in Hillsboro, a short drive from Portland.  This beautiful family owned farm is home to about 2000 lavender species with both French and English varieties. The small shed/office in the farm sells lavender products (we got a small lavender lip balm) and they also let visitors cut and pick their own lavender from June-July.

Mountainside Lavender farm in Hillsboro, Oregon is one of the most beautiful lavender fields in USA

Catherine Ryan Gregory of To and Fro Fam and an Oregonian, recommends Lavender valley which is her favorite lavender farm to visit in Oregon and holds the distinction of being one of the premier lavender destinations in the state since 2001. Located just over an hour from downtown Portland, this small but gorgeous lavender field turns the entire landscape purple every summer. Its backdrop is equally stunning: behind the orderly rows of lavender, you’ll see the snow-capped peak of Mt. Hood. This lavender farm is open every summer, when you can do u-cut flowers (i.e. cutting your own lavender bunch/bundle), buy bouquets of other blooms grown on the property and take home products made with the farm’s lavender. The little farm store also has a colorful mural outside, which is perfect for a quick photo. Lavender Valley is dog-friendly, as long as your pooch is well behaved and on leash. Pro tip: When you’re done, drive up Mt. Hood to hike at Lost Lake, taste a Pinot Noir at the region’s wineries or head to Hood River for a beer at pFriem Family Brewers. Or maybe just do nothing and chill out, cause the lavender scent is ultimately one that relaxes and soothes.

The beautiful lavender fields in USA, Lavender valley Oregon which is a dog friendly lavender field

Photo courtesy: Catherine

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Where to find lavender fields in USA: California

My beautiful home state California has no dearth of lavender fields and thankfully there are several within driving distance of San Francisco. I visited the beautiful Matanzas Creek Winery in Sonoma (home to many dog friendly wineries) last year which boasts of spectacular lavender gardens in addition to its luscious wines. I recommend going in early to park as it gets really crowded with hoards of people descending on the gardens for their Instagram photos (ugh!) and the parking lot has limited space. They also have a huge shed/shop where lots of lavender products such as luscious lip balms, soothing lavender water for linen,lavender essential oils , body creams , lavender soaps, lavender potpourri sachets and and dried cut lavender are sold. You can go for a tasting of their crisp chardonnays while enjoying the views with your furry friend since Matanzas welcomes well behaved dogs on a leash in their garden. For those interested, here is a complete list of other California lavender farms, festivals and events.

Lavender farm in USA, Matanzas Creek winery in Sonoma, California

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Lavender farms in USA: Texas

Contributor: Michelle Snell who blogs at That Texas Couple-a couples travel and lifestyle blog.

Every year from May until early July, the Texas Hill Country comes alive with the fragrant, beautiful smell of lavender.  The central Texas soil is especially suitable for growing lavender, and when you add to that a dry, arid climate, you have the perfect environment to grow this fragrant plant. Naturally, Texas is the place to see some of the most beautiful lavender fields in USA. The gorgeous deep purple flowers dot the landscape throughout the hill country, especially in the city of Blanco, the Lavender Capital of Texas.  Blanco is also home to the annual Lavender Festival at the beginning of June which attracts huge lavender seeking crowds.  This festival allows farmers to showcase their best lavender products and here you can find lavender cosmetics, salts, oils, honey, ice cream, and even margaritas! If you happen to be visiting in early May,  head out to Becker Vineyards in Stonewall, Texas to participate in their annual lavender festival.  Becker Vineyards has a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking their lavender and wildflower fields.  Combine this with acres of vineyards and a tranquil country setting and you have the perfect day on a lavender farm.  Sit back and relax with a glass of wine and take in the delicate aroma of the lavender that surrounds you. 

Lavender farms in Blanco, the lavender capital of Texas and home to annual lavender festival in June

Photo courtesy: Michelle 

Contributor: Priya Vin of Outside Suburbia who specializes in Texas based travel destinations

Lavender Ridge Farms located 8 miles east of Gainesville is a great place to find Lavender near Dallas, Texas. It is a beautiful hour drive through the countryside with farms and open skies that Texans love, love love. Originally a strawberry and melon farm in the 1920’s & 1930’s, Lavender Ridge Farms opened in 2006 as a lavender, cut-flower, and herb farm. Run by siblings Jerry Ware and Jane Dane, the land here has been in the family for over 150 years and will be for many years to come. Apart from the lavender they also have a variety of perennials and lots of birds and hummingbirds who are regular visitors apart from humans. It is a small farm where you can pick your own lavender, shop for herbs, vegetables and botanicals and enjoy some lavender cheesecake and lemonade at their cafe. Pets are not allowed on this lavender farm.

Lavender ridge farm, Gainsville, Texas. One of the most beautiful lavender fields in USA with a charming cafe

Photo courtesy: Priya

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Lavender fields to visit in USA: Maryland

Contributor: Meghan, the teacher-blogger behind The Traveling Teacher

Meghan stumbled upon Soleado Lavender Farm in Maryland sometime back while searching for lavender farms near her hometown Washington DC and was mighty glad to find it! She found out that they were hosting a yoga class in their lavender fields which turned out to be the perfect way to spend a morning. As per Meghan, yoga while in a lavender field is the most calming experience and gives you a chance to really take in the space you are in. They do events like this one throughout the year that make the farm a fun place to visit year round. On the farm they also have different lavender products, a bamboo forest, and deck perfect for relaxing while overlooking the fields. Picnics are encouraged and the owners are always onsite while the farm is open. Nearby you’ll find Sugarloaf Winery and one of the area’s most popular hikes in the area, Sugarloaf Mountain which make the area perfect for a day trip. The best way to find out about events and when the lavender is in bloom is to check their website. You won’t be disappointed by this experience! Note: here too, pets are not allowed.

lavender farms and fields in Maryland, USA

Photo courtesy: Meghan

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Visiting Lavender farms: Know before you go

Now that you’ve been inspired to seek out one of the many lavender fields in USA, here are a few handy tips to help you prepare for your visit and make it an enjoyable experience for both you as well as others.

a) Lavender needs hot weather to grow, so it comes as no surprise that summer is the time when lavender fields are in bloom. Although lavender starts growing from May onward in many places, peak season is often June- mid July.

b) Lavender fields buzz with bees since this is when business is literally in bloom for them! Heaven alone knows how much we need bees and their pollination to help keep this fragile planet alive, so please do not bother them. It is advisable to wear clothing (maxi dresses such as this floral dress or this sunny, lemon print dress or this colorful one or this cotton dress or maxi skirt or comfy linen pants) that cover your legs since you will be walking through lavender fields with bees and other insects around. It is also a good idea to wear sturdy shoes while walking through the fields (there may be dirt patches around) as well as a hat (like this cute floppy one) and some sunscreen (cruelty free option here) since you will be under the blazing sun.

US lavender farms and fields, cut lavender bunch, lavender products, lavender flowers

c) Be respectful of all posted signs and do not tread on the flowers or go stand in the middle of a patch where you are clearly not supposed to go. The lavender is there for everyone’s enjoyment and should not be trampled upon in your quest to be the next Instagram douche. Enjoy the moment, take in the smell of these purple beauties and learn about the different varieties growing on a farm. There are many places (such as Mountainside lavender farm in Oregon) where you need to check into their office before heading off to the fields since they give you some basic information on U-cuts as well as a small intro to their farm. The flowers are not going anywhere, so there is no need to drop everything after you park and make a beeline for the fields.

d) Keep some cash on you since some places may not accept card for lavender products or cutting/picking flowers.

e) Finally, this is common sense, but arrive early to beat the crowds and to get parking nearby.

I hope you enjoyed this post on finding some of the most beautiful lavender fields in USA. Summer is almost here and I cannot wait to explore more of such lavender farms and fields near me. I hope you do the same and thanks so much for stopping by!


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Too busy or broke to travel to Europe to see the lavender fields of Provence? Worry not, cause you can find plenty of lavender farms right here in USA. Read this guide to the top spots for visiting lavender fields in continental USA and pin this to your US board now #lavender #lavenderfields #USA #summertravel #flowerfields #lavenderfarmsToo busy or broke to travel to Europe to see the lavender fields of Provence?Worry not, cause you can find plenty of lavender farms right here in USA. Read this guide to the top spots for visiting lavender fields in continental USA and pin this to your US board now #lavender #lavenderfields #USA #summertravel #flowerfields #lavenderfarms











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Amy Alton April 20, 2019 at 12:57 am

I knew there were some in my home state (Texas) but I’ve never been. Have been to lavender fields in France and Australia though, and loved them!

Elizabeth April 20, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Fantastic posts! We’re headed to Hawaii this summer and they have some lavender fields there I’d love to visit. Great tip about long pants or dresses because of the bees! I wouldn’t have thought of that!!

Catherine @ To & Fro Fam April 20, 2019 at 12:51 pm

Thank you for including my recommendation for the best lavender field in Oregon! I honestly had no idea there were gorgeous places to see lavender in Texas – will add it to my list the next time I visit. Great post!

leanne April 20, 2019 at 8:23 pm

I absolutely love lavender fields, what lovely photos


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