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Day Trips from Helsinki: A Few Hours At Porvoo, Finland

written by ParoChak March 8, 2015

Porvoo, one of the six medieval towns of Finland, is located on the southern coast of the country, 30 miles east of capital Helsinki. Cobbled streets, quaint shops, charming houses and whimsical stores all add to the beauty of this town. Here are pictures of the old town, the famous Porvoo Cathedral, some escargot liquid courage and overall silliness. If you have enough time on your hands, do squeeze in a day trip from Helsinki to Porvoo via a Ferry/boat. It takes about 40-50 minutes to get there and once you land in old town, you can simply stroll down the cobbled streets or stop by one of the many cute cafes or boutiques. You can find more information on it’s tourism website. if you have more time in hand and are itching to get away from Helsinki, here are some other fantastic getaways/ day trips from Helsinki that you must read!

Our conference organizers had arranged for this trip and so we got a guide to explore our surroundings once we landed at the docks. Old town Porvoo has an idyllic setting and there are several signs for the church, cafes and museums. Since we had 4-5 hours to ourselves, I decided not to go to a museum but chose to walk around instead. The church or Porvoo Cathedral, was originally made of wood (later reconstructed in stone) and is the seat of Finland’s Swedish-speaking diocese. The bell tower of this church has a beautiful green mount and stands separately.

Besides the church, the wooden houses, the yatches on the waterfront and the quaint boutiques, there are several cafes here where one can grab a bite or drink. We stopped at one of them and while I got a glass of wine, my friend boldly opted for an escargot martini which did come with a snail’s shell in it! We also saw beautiful porcelain figurines on the windows of the residents. Overall, Porvoo is a beautiful little town that is not to be missed if you every visit Helsinki.  I highly recommend spending a few hours here to witness the idyllic Scandinavian life. Read my other Finland related post here.

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