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If you’re that Puerto Rico visiting foodie who cannot wait to discover the deliciousness that is old San Juan, then you’ve come to the right place! Having been to PR twice with my insatiable appetite, I have crafted this tried and “tasted” (see what I just did?) list of the best Old San Juan restaurants which you will totally fall in love with! So without further ado, let’s get started on the street food, cafes and restaurants in Old San Juan that you must check out, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Guide to the best old San Juan restaurants in Puerto Rico



The Best Old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico

Every travel destination opens up endless possibilities in terms of gastronomic delights, provided you are flexible and adventurous enough to try out local cuisine. If you are lily-livered and simply want to make a beeline to the nearest American fast food chain (the sign of familiarity that calls out to your homesick stomach), then why bother to travel at all, at least for pleasure?


For pleasure lies in tasting “parts unknown”, and yet they do not have to be that unknown/mysterious and you do not have to undertake the arduous task of finding the best of the best in a new place, all thanks to someone who has been there and tasted that!


I am talking about how you can benefit from the wisdom of my experience, aka, this blog post on the top old San Juan restaurants which I’ve gleaned from my repeat solo travels to Puerto Rico when I stayed in old San Juan twice (you can read my detailed self guided tour of old San Juan here) . So, be a savvy tourist, read through this comprehensive list and get ready to take on the buzzing culinary scene of San Juan, pronto!


The most exciting Old San Juan Restaurant to visit : JOSE ENRIQUE

Puerto Rico is witnessing a silent, yet marvelous culinary revolution where local chefs are whipping up creativity in the kitchen with island ingredients kissed by modern sensibilities all over in San Juan restaurants. One of the leaders in this movement is rising chef Jose Enrique, who got onto the James Beard semi-finalist list in the past due to the creative storm unleashed in his restaurant by the the same name.


This restaurant is in the Condado area and is nested inside a cheery yellow art deco building with no sign and is unique in that way amidst all other trendy San Juan restaurants. Weekends get busy with wait times of as long as 2 hrs, so it is best to arrive for lunch on weekdays.


Although the menu is primarily meat and fish, my vegetarian friend got meat free appetizers as well as a delicious customized entree. This San Juan restaurant does not seem to have a liquor license but they make it up with great non-alcoholic cocktails.


Bottom line-food is out of the world great with flavors bursting at every mouthful. The fish (Snapper and Mahi-Mahi) were so very fresh and were so well complimented by the spices and the sides centered around them. Do not miss this restaurant for anything! Unrelated food trivia: The road to this spot has some pretty interesting murals below an overpass, check them out if possible!

Jose Enrique is one of the best old San Juan restaurants
Jose Enrique is one of the best old San Juan restaurants
Jose Enrique is one of the best old San Juan restaurants
Jose Enrique is one of the best old San Juan restaurants



Drinks, appetizers and a killer view in Condado, San Juan: Oceano

True to its name, the trendy Oceano is right next to the ocean (in Condado) and has a nice outdoors seating area to take in the view. This place is pricey/fancy but let that not deter you from a few drinks and appetizers.


We went in the early evening for the latter, but you get great food for dinner as well, with special focus on local catch. This is the only restaurant on the list that is not in old San Juan per se, but I still wanted to include it here since the food was really good!

Oceano in Condado San Juan is great for drinks and appetizers



The best cafes and bakeries in old San Juan: Casa Cortes, La Bombonera and Cafe Berlin

Besides these restaurants, there are some amazing cafes in Old San Juan, and I would be remiss if I failed to include  three of the best ones in town. The first is Casa Cortes chocolate bar, which as you guessed it, is everything chocolate centric but also has savory items for lunch.


If you need to give into your sugar cravings, don’t forget to order the oh so flaky croissant with a chocolate hazelnut filling and the sinful cold drinking chocolate. The floor upstairs doubles as an art gallery and you might want to take a peep after you are done gorging on Chef Ricardo de Obaldía’s creations!

Old San Juan cafes


Second, is the old as time La Bombonera, Old town San Juan’s pride and home to the famous Mallorca, a Spanish pastry (Spanish name: ensaimada) kissed by a dusting of powdered sugar.


I got a lemonade slurpee and the sweetness of the Mallorca was a perfect balance to the former’s  tartness. Don’t give this place a miss if you are ever in Old town! Resplendent with plush red leather seats and marble table tops, its vintage vibe and great food (breakfast and lunch served) are a surefire hit!

La Bombonera in old San Juan
La Bombonera in old San Juan



Third and possibly my favorite was the serene Cafe Berlin near Plaza Colon in Old town. Not only does the interior have this old world, Parisian feel, but also the menu has something for everyone, with a major nod to vegetarians and vegans (this is one of the rare vegetarian restaurants in San Juan and is not to be missed by veggie lovers).


I had a tofu scramble and some tarty green apple juice and loved both. Don’t forget to ask for some guava butter for your toast, it is seriously yummy!

Cafe Berlin is a vegan vegetarian restaurant in Old San Juan



Best old San Juan Restaurants for brunch/breakfast: El Convento

If you are in need for some serenity and tranquility, you cannot beat the beauty of a shaded, leafy courtyard aka Patio del Nispero in the historic hotel El Convento (a 17th century convent converted to a luxury hotel and in the heart of old town).


Get some appetizing brunch while relaxing in the patio and start your day bright and happy! I had a simple granola yoghurt bowl, but the yoghurt and figs were some of the best and freshest I’ve ever had. Highly recommend this San Juan restaurant for breakfast/brunch/lunch and even dinner.

El Convento is one of the best old San Juan restaurants for brunch
El Convento is one of the best old San Juan restaurants for brunch



Must visit restaurants in Old San for dinner

Finally, dinner brings me to this San Juan restaurants list offering the very best of a dynamic gourmet scene on the island. I do not have photos due to lack of proper lighting, and even if I did, the measly iPhone photos would not do the deliciousness any justice.


Do me a huge favor and visit Marmalade, often considered the best restaurant in San Juan. Dinner comprises of 4/5 or 6 course meals with optional wine pairings. Vegetarians have all the reason to rejoice since an entire menu page is devoted to meat-free wonders.


The other two spots are sister restaurants of Aguaviva and Dragonfly, the former being Puerto Rican seafood centric and the latter with this amazing latin-asian fusion food as their USP. I had some great vegetarian mofongo  at the former, and amazing sushi (both vegetarian and otherwise) at the latter. Of the two, Dragonfly is more vegetarian friendly. All three San Juan restaurants are on Calle Fortaleza.

Guide to old San Juan restaurants



Street food in Old San Juan

A parting note on Puerto Rican street food before I end this blog post on the best Old San Juan restaurants. Most squares in old San Juan (named plazas) sell fresh coconuts, which can parch the thirstiest of souls with their cool juice and soft pulp, something unique to island living which cannot be replicated by the bottled/canned stuff sold in Whole food.


That and the Piragua (Puerto Rican shaved ice with syrup) are a must try. I did see the kiosks selling Mofongo, the famous Afro-Puerto Rican food made of mashed and stuffed plantains (btw, did you know that plantain is a Taino word?) but it’s best to try some good mofongo at a reputed restaurant or cafe, such as the famous cafe Manolin (a local favorite and one that I had to skip due to lack of time). For vegetarians/vegans, a vegan/meat free version can be found at Cafe Berlin mentioned before.

Street food in Old San Juan



This concludes my list of must visit old San Juan restaurants. If you are in this beautiful island, do not miss some of these places to get a true flavor of what is cooking here, and for the love of all things sacred, please do not rush to the Wendy’s nearby! Have fun and Bon Appétit ! Read my other post here on must visit attractions in San Juan or this detailed five day itinerary of Puerto Rico for more gastronomic finds!



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