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Click Around The World: Travel Photography Tutorials for Beginners

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”


This old English idiom is perhaps even more relevant in this Instagram crazy world that we live in. Beautiful photos not only inspire us, but also fuel our desire to connect, explore and create. So it’s no surprise that if you are into a creative medium like travel blogging, you will need to harness the power of good photos to make your content attractive. I am talking about blog posts that are visually compelling, Instagram feeds that are mesmerizing and Pinterest pins that will entice the pinner to visit your blog.


Travel blogging definitely needs good content, but what it also needs are beautiful, powerful visuals to catch the reader’s attention. Here is how improving your photography/editing skills can help your blog:

a) Blog Posts: Captivating photos to empower the text, increase engagement and bring in users repeatedly.

b) Instagram: Cohesive and eye-catching Instagram feed to attract more eyeballs and sponsors.

c) Pinterest: Powerful pins with popping images to drive your website traffic up!

Unfortunately, photography still continues to be a daunting subject for most of us due to technical jargons that people find challenging, lack of time to learn techniques (thanks to our super busy lives) and money, since travel gear ain’t cheap. As a self taught photographer whose success so far and appreciation are largely based on her photos with relatively little gear (I shot using an old DSLR and a prime lens for nearly 5 years), I know how challenging photography can be and how a little guidance can help you overcome those hurdles. So I am here to help.


I have a full time day job and I am a travel blogger by hobby (started blogging seriously 9 months ago). Here are some of my stats on visually driven social media and how I have fared via my photography and photo editing skills:

>> 11% engagement on my Instagram account. I received all my three sponsorship opportunities based on my Instafeed alone which does not even have 1000 followers!

>> 389K+ views per month on Pinterest (I started 9 months ago from 0 views)

In short, no matter how teeny tiny your blog is, YOU CAN cover leaps and bounds with beautiful images that capture your travels, and that too all by yourself! I have been photographing for the last 5+ years and own a DSLR plus a mirrorless camera. I have done my homework and I want to share my photography knowledge with you to help you get started or improve whatever you have going. You can see more examples of my photography on latest travel posts here.


Let’s start seeing this beautiful world through a fun lens, via my super affordable 1:1 sessions of beginner’s travel photography tutorials. Simply put, I will help you see the world better using your camera, help you shoot your travels better and give you fail-proof editing tips to elevate your blog, Instagram and Pinterest visual appeal!

Some of my services are (but not limited to) as follows:

If interested drop me a line at pctravelphototutorials@gmail.com or simply fill out THIS FORM to get in touch. I promise to make  travel photography FUN for you and get your travel blog/Instagram feed spiced up!